Oh Baby It's a Wild World.....

Italy is a strange country. Poster for Torino Pride. Lesbians discuss about this campaign....the nly thing they seem able to say is..."I am NOT that masculine".....
It's a sad sad world


Another kind of Queer

The top image shows a poster against violence on women which probably will never appear on the streets of our cities.
Blasphemous, irreverent.

My opinion is that it goes straight to the point... but in a nations as Italy... never "hint" anything related to religion.

The subject of the campaign is serious, the image really not offensive compared to many commercials.... but in any case city government is trying to say no to its appearing on the walls.


In many other countries.... things go differently (see the image in the photo below)


everybody's taste

per tutti i gusti, originally uploaded by why_137.

Dutch people probably are a step ahead in politically correctness. Having to decorate your wedding cake, they offer you plenty of possibilities. The question is: having two brides in withe or two grooms in tailcoats isn't just another way of homologation?

By the way, the nicest of them all, having to put something on the cake, is for sure the bride carrying the groom on her shoulder! ;-)


Olimpic gays

Let's face it: if you are gay the best you can do is working in something fashion related. Luckily things are changing and an Australian diver is competing at the olimpic games, and he is out. So out to apply for a grant to have his parthner with him. So out to speak about him in is interview. So out it is difficult to find articles about him, because there is nothing special in him being gay.

There is a wikipedia page (a stub for the moment) dedicated to him. It is part of the sport portal, the diving portal, and the LGBT. Weird, he is so out to be absolutely non queer. And it gives me the hope that sooner or later to be queer will be normal.


The gender of a website

Are you a guy or a gal? someone tried to decide looking at your browser history. If food-related sites make you a female, neither a mix of sport, computer and weather forecasts makes you a real man. Funny to notice: blog and online dictionaries are gender neutral, but hotmail (and webmails) are female as much as flickr is male.

I wonder if the fact we oscillate around a fair 50-50 is indicative of who we are...


XXYZzzzzzzz Generation

Me: "Do you know the song I had in mind when I wrote my last post?"

XXYZzzz: "A song?????? No....."

Me : " Here's a link for it"

XXYZzzz: "But I kow it!!!! :-) It's the jingle of that commercial ..... comfortable shoes!!!"

I should have known better. The video said it clearly "1978".....
Nevere quote something dated before 1992 to a XXYZzzzz generation kid!!!
This one's quite nicer

Queer is in the air................

Fashion is queer, sizes are queer. Man's fashion this summer offers a wide choice among every shade of pink, violet, and soft pastels. I was able to fit every size between European 44 to 52 (my weight remaining constant) and from S to XL both in woman's and man's wear.

Pick your choice and do not worry, something will fit in the end!!